Andy Nathan

Andy Nathan and I connected from Robert Blakely’s Business Power Hour.  Which is where people of like minds meet every Friday to tell about their business, product or services. He came and showed us some real good information on Blogging and how to drive traffic to your business.

Andy Nathan runs a social networking consulting company that helps small businesses add to their revenue stream by getting rid of the pain that “is” social networking. When you can not wait to finish your social networking for the day, he relishes the thought of spending his entire day on social networking helping clients succeed.

In addition to that his blog (AndyNathan.Net) now brings in over 18000 readers every month from over 775 blog posts. This blog has helped countless numbers of small business owners with their social networking and blogging questions over the years.

To find out how Andy draws readers and traffic watch 5 Ways to 18,505 visits per month on your blog. Click here to watch the presentation.


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