Anthony Hosking

Anthony HoskingDo you need to be motivated?  It is my belief that everyone can use to be motivated from time to time.  Sometimes we have a vision and something happens to us that we lose focus.  Anthony took time out of his schedule to do a webinar to help those individuals who need some motivation or just more of a swift kick to keep going.  Most importantly is that we need to take action on our goals.  

Anthony’s passion in life is to help people that is why he decided to do motivational speaking to facilitate his achievement.  Anthony is the CEO of Motivational Radio which he started a little over two years ago.  Motivational Radio has proven to be very successful.

Anthony enjoys speaking to people who are prepared to listen and take some of what he says and run with it.


Anthony is  an accomplished pianist, although self taught at the time but went on to become a professional pianist which he still enjoys very much.

If you feel that you could use some motivation contact Anthony and he will help you.  To listen to the recording click here.


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