Be A Great Presenter

Be A Great Presenter

What does it take to be a great presenter? You need to have self-confidence, voice clarity, be interesting, and have knowledge of your topic to name a few. To be a great presenter you need to be able to retain your audience. Perk their curiosity. Make them feel comfortable and ready to interact with you. There are quite a few skills involved when you want to be a great presenter.

In the world today and in business it is important that you know how to be a great presenter. You need to know how to grab people’s attention through audio and video streaming. Your audience needs to be able to put a face behind your websites, and social sites. Remember you are putting your best forward. It is important to be a great presenter for you to shine above all the rest.

Be A Great PresenterBe A Great Presenter-With Webinars and Conferences

When you are doing a webinar and/or conference it is important to make that first impression count. You need to be able to present your product, business or services with enthusiasm. Make your presentation a memorable one, fulfilling your purpose, and meeting the needs of your spectators. Yes, this takes practice. One of the most important things is to be yourself. Write your presentation like you are talking to your best friend. You want to make your first impression stimulating and informative enough for your crowd to want more. You will be surprised at the results you get from doing webinars and conferences.

Your delivery needs to be compelling and full of value to retain your listeners. In a conference people can not see you so; you have to paint the picture for them. This will take a lot of thought and skill on your part. You must speak clearly to get your point across. You can’t just talk you have to put a little humor in your voice and use tones that are easy on the ears.

Be A Great Presenter-Building Your Reputation

Your reputation is out there for the world to see when you are doing a presentation. In Be A Great Presenterorder for you to be a great presenter you need to think about your credibility. You want to establish that like, know and trust you feeling with your audience. In order to do that you need to have your presentation laid out and have your audience in mind. What exactly is it that you want them to take away from it? Your information should be to the point not too much detail. Remember you need to keep their attention and most people retain only the first twenty minutes. Keep your information on a grade school level so that everyone in attendance can comprehend your presentation. You don’t want your viewers to feel overwhelmed with too much information.

Be A Great Presenter-Things To Avoid

There a few things you need to avoid to be a great presenter.
1) Don’t look at a presentation as a scary thought.
     Look at it as a challenge or your chance to reach new people.
2) Avoid delivering something that you have to read.
     Practice your presentation by using bullet points and delivering like you know what
     you are talking about.
3) Avoid having your audience feel like they are wasting their time.
4) Don’t go in depth on your presentation.
     Leave a little to desire.
To be a great presenter it takes a lot of time and effort on your part. You really should prepare about three weeks in advance to have a “killer presentation”. Keep in mind your presentation is all about those that you hope to meet and follow you.

Be A Great PresenterBe A Great Presenter-Know Your Goals

What is that you want to achieve by doing your presentation? Tell a story about your business, product or service in such a way that your viewers can’t help but, like, know and trust you. Making yourself be a great presenter can be the key to earning a decent living. Ask the right questions to engage your audience. To be a great presenter you need to be able to have those listening to be prepared to take action on a give away product or maybe purchase something from you. Make sure to be able to explain your “key” ideas in two sentences.

Practice makes you a success. If you are not doing presentations currently you may want to consider it. Consider presentations as part of your business plan. They can make your dreams come true.

Now, are you ready to be a great presenter?


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