Building Relationships

Building Relationships

When working online it is important to build relationships. You need to know how to build that like, know and trust.  How do you build relationships online, you might ask?  The very first thing you do is connect with like minded people.  Find a common interest. Make sure that you listen more than you speak.  Take notes when conversing with them.  This way when you talk to them again you can bring something up from that conversation.  This will make your contact feel important and show them you care. 

Building Relationships Through Skype

Why Skype?  Skype has a lot to offer when it comes to building relationships.  You can call one person or a group of people up to 25. Skype has group rooms that you can make and bring up to 300 people together. You can really get to know others and find those things that you have in common and most of all help others to achieve their goals. 

Skype rooms are an asset in your business.  They allow you to have a centralized location to communicate with your team and they are multi-faceted.  What else comes from Skype rooms?  You build relationships by joining other groups that you have a common interest with.  You only want to join rooms that you share that common interest with.  In group rooms you can usually have conversation.  Although, there are some rooms that are dedicated to specific topics and only those topics can be discussed.  When you join Skype rooms you will want to know the rules of the room first.  You may also, want to know the creator of the room in case you want to provide information that you feel will be appropriate to the room. You should always check first before putting links into the room.  You want to show respect for the owners of the Skype room and their members. 

The Skype rooms recently assisted me in completing a goal for my friend which is in the next paragraph. You should be able to see what happens from building relationships by having others like, know and trust you.

Building Relationships Through Open Chat

Recently we had an Open Chat in a webinar room. What happens in Open Chats?  You get to meet some of the greatest people online and begin building relationships.  It may even be your first impression. People come to these events from all over the world.  How do you get people to the event?  In order to get people to the event you can use Skype rooms and private chat, Facebook,Google Circles, Pinterest, and Twitter.  People who you are not even acquainted with may come to the event.  

These various tools are available to anyone that desires to join these chat rooms. It is important to develop relationships with these people to form that like, know and trust.  Trust is the Key to your relationships. Here is an example what can transpire from building relationships. 

The last Open Chat was very successful in helping a fellow marketer Sissy Moss, who is disabled  and her only outlet to society is the computer.  Many friends from the Internet Marketing community reached out and helped us to get her a new computer after her old one gave out on her.  It was remarkable the results that came from this that brought about changes in her life that effected her immensely.

I would like to extend my gratitude and personal thanks to all of those who contributed to this effort.  You guys are great.  



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