Cameron Fulton

Cameron FultonCameron Fulton is an internet entrepreneur. Cameron I met when we were having an “Open Chat” night.  You can see where the power of having “Open Chat” forums are great for networking.  He started in article marketing as a way to earn cash when he was 15. He has since then experimented with everything from blogs in different niches to good old Google Ad words in his words. Cameron has been in the internet marketing business for five years now and is a seasoned veteran in the area. He has since then; taken on Kindle publishing and in his opinion “it is the easiest and most reliable way of starting and keeping an online business.” He started publishing books in November and has tested multiple ways of making and marketing e-books. His books are now top best sellers in multiple niches across the Amazon Kindle and show his incredible success. He has his own online consulting business “createwithcam.com” where he helps other hungry entrepreneurs like himself achieve their dreams. Cameron will teach you his tips on uploading and researching your kindle books in this webinar today to help you achieve your dreams and get hungry about Kindle Publishing. Please click here to listen to the recording and receive Cameron’s product.


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