Consider Webinars to Promote Your Product

Consider Webinars to Promote Your Product

Are you used to doing in home parties?  

Consider webinars to promote your product.  We will discussing why you should consider webinars to promote your product.   Sure home parties are fun; butWebinars how many people can you reach with a home party?  Consider webinars to promote your product to reach a wider group of people.

Webinars and Home Parties

Webinars and Home Parties offer similar benefits.  People like home parties; because of the socializing with their friends. They get to see what the presenter has to offer.  You may serve refreshments if you wish.  Home parties and webinars are equally good for product launches.  

Webinars and Home Parties are excellent ways for you to receive immediate feedback.  You can determine right away if your audience is interested in what you are sharing or not.  You can tell by the body language and conversation that is going on. The benefits of  home parties allow the guests to usually have the touch, feel and possibly the taste of your product.  The presenter is also given an opportunity to build a relationship with the guests.


Webinars allow your attendees to ask questions via a chat box or even on the microphone.  If you are doing a tele-conference the attendees can ask their questions on there as well.

You can ask your audience questions to create interaction and they can answer you via the chat box.

You know that the people who have come to hear you have an interest in what you are presenting.  Why?  Your attendees who come to your webinar usually have to register in order to attend it.  They would not have taken the time to register if they had not been interested and you become privy to their personal information. 

As the person doing the presentation you are no longer a company, you are a person.  People buy from people with whom they can bond and/or connect.

People like information, education, watching demonstrations from the comfort of their own home.

Webinars don’t limit you to one particular area.

Use social media to create an event about your webinar.  You can do this with Facebook.  Make sure to invite only those people that you are connected with and who might possibly be interested in your product.

Contact me if you would like to do some webinars.


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