How to Write A Presentation

How to Write A Presentation

Like any good story you need a beginning, middle and an end. Preparing your presentation will take some thought, energy, and time. A good presentation will keep your audience engaged waiting with anticipation for the next point. Knowing how to write a presentation is as important as how it is delivered.

Make sure you answer the question, “what’s in it for me?” Also, known as WIIFM. When doing any kind of marketing it is important that you can answer this for your customers and/or clients. You want to be able to establish a relationship with the people you are relating your message to. Knowing how to write a presentation and delivering it properly can really help you network with your customers and clients.

How to Write A Presentation-The Beginning

How To Write A PresentationYou want to pick colors of templates that is appealing and makes your audience feel comfortable. Use font that is easy to read when making your presentation. You will want to include a short introduction as to who you are and why you are doing the presentation. You want your listeners to know what your presentation is about and why you have decided to provide them with the information they are about to hear. Your listeners are going to want to know the reason they need to listen to you. Another thing to include at the beginning of the presentation is the length of time you intend for it to last. You want to let your listeners know what you hope they will get from your delivery at the end and when they can ask questions.

How to Write A Presentation-The Middle

You will want to include the facts and make them relevant to your delivery. List the keyHow To Write A Presentation factors that you want to convey to your audience. Keep your information delivered in a format that is easy to follow and easy to understand. Don’t bounce all over the place. You might want to have some little extras to include if time permits.

How to Write A Presentation-The End

You will want to reiterate the important parts of your presentation and summarize them for your viewers. Make sure and thank your viewers and invite them to ask questions.


How to Write A PresentationNote** Write your presentation as though you are talking to your best friend. Tell the story so that it is interesting, engaging, and keeps your audience interacting with you.**

Once you know how to write a presentation and deliver it you might find yourself doing more of them.



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