James Holmes

James HolmesJames Holmes came to talk to us about Multiple Streams of Income.  I met James when he was doing at telethon for a couple of people that needed to get back home to Australia. James was talking about his career in racing. That immediately perked an interest in me. Being from the Indianapolis, IN area. Finding out that he was a race car driver immediately perked my interest in James.  From that point on I couldn’t help but, follow James.  James trains at Net Learning Academy, Swat Viral Traffic Conference, and Talk Marketing Now.

Whether you are new to Internet Marketing or Network Marketing James is the man to follow.  James is involved in many different programs that brings him a steady income stream.  James has developed a way for you to obtain the goal of earning multiple streams income to add money  into your household.

To listen James recording on Multiple Streams of Income.

  • Nancy Radlinger

    Great post about James and I have to say that was the same thing that caught my ear also – as I love racing also and it was nice to meet someone online that was involved in all that excitement. You are also right about the teaching skills of James as when I attend his webinars I always pick up a new tip to try – thanks Kay for help sharing James to the world.

  • You can’t go wrong listening to James. He has so much extensive knowledge in the aspects marketing online and he is always willing to help out. I’ve known James since he first took over SWAT Traffic and we have become very good friends in the online industry. Although I wasn’t able to attend this training webinar, I know it was just as informative as his past conferences. Thank you Kay for bringing out great people like this and letting them share their knowledge with us!

  • You are so right Jonathan you too are a fantastic trainer. You know exactly what you are doing. I appreciate you so much. James brings a lot to the table that is for sure.


  • Yeah, racing is in my blood. I guess it stems back from my father’s love for the races and his old cars. You know I have learned so much from many people. James really is good at what he does and he truly is out to help others to be the best they can be.


  • Hello Kay – I wanted to take a minute and thank you for inviting me to present on your Webinar series and the article you have posted here. I appreciate your comments and those of Nancy and Jonathan as well.

    I love sharing the journey and what is working in my business with others. In addition to learning teaching, I love learning and have enjoyed your series of great Webinars.

    Keep up the great work!


  • Wow, James, thank you so much. I love having the different speakers with their expertise giving training and providing people with information and products. If you want to come back and do another webinar let me know.


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