Kathryn Skokna

Kathryn SkoknaKathryn Skokna and I have been friends for a very long time.  When I heard how much she was saving by using coupons I thought, WOW I need to have her do a webinar on this.  Kathryn agreed.

Kathryn has a family of seven.  She has four children and one grand-daughter living in her household.  She started to clip coupons to save money in September of 2011.  She was spending between $150-$200.00 a week on food and it was starting to create financial difficulty.

Kathryn is a stay at home mom and she watches her grand-daughter when her daughter is working.  Kathryn needed to find a way to cut their grocery bill and fast.  She started researching how to save with coupons and attended a local coupon class.  Kathryn is still learning, but she has cut her grocery bill in half and sometimes even more by using coupons.  She is NOT extreme at clipping coupons.  She buys what her family needs and will use.

Kathryn hopes to share some tips to help you cut your grocery bills down and save money in that area.

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Here is the link to listen to “How to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill.”


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