Kay Brasher

Kay BrasherHi, I am Kay Brasher.  I did a presentation on “What Plug Ins to Use for Word Press”.  My goal in life is to help others to get where they want to be.  I believe that we all have something to share and to give to others. I have created this website for anyone who wants to share their business, product or service with us.  There is something out there for everyone.  With more and more people coming into the Internet Marketing business we can help and share our experiences. 

I am experienced in many areas.  I was a manager at a restaurant and retail.  I made electrical conduits from machines that made WWII bullets.  I have worked in the hospital industry as an emergency room registrar, out patient and surgical registration, out patient scheduling.  I worked in a doctor’s office, as a companion and skilled nursing facility.

I graduated from Travel school at South Eastern Academy, I studied Supervision I and II, Time Management and Human Relations at IVY Tech, I graduated from Plus Size Modeling at  Barbizon and my last adventure was a diploma for Medical Billing.  I studied Medical Transcription as well.

I have two Skype group rooms and I would love to have you in our rooms.

To listen to my presentation about What Plug Ins to Use for Word Press you will need to register as a member of this sight.  You can find the registration over to the right.

Here is the link to my presentation. 


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