Kaye Towne

Kaye TowneKaye Towne also goes by the name of Krazy Kaye.  Kaye is a leading Internet Marketer, writer, site owner and administrator, instructor and online comedian.  She has a natural skill with writing and loves to share this with others through her work online.  She started her marketing career at the age of 16 selling Amway products, door to door.  In the 1980’s she took computer courses to learn data entry and this began a long love with computers.  

In 1997 she bought her first personal computer and began working online part-time while working full-time as an Armed Security Guard and an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in a casino in Lughlin, NV.  

During her internet travels she discovered the hard way that there are many people out there selling junk products and ripping people off.  After suffering a huge financial set back after being ripped off by one of those online cons, she began to experiment with internet marketing in many different ways, learning everything she possibly could. 

She learned the ins and outs of creating websites, placing text ads, banner ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), advertising, visual marketing appeal, writing for online viewers, customer support, public relations, product creation, and just about anything and everything she could find on line. 

Eventually she came across traffic exchanges and fell in love with them.  She sought an unpaid learning position within this industry and accidentally landed a paid job as a site administrator in 2007.  

With this new position came a new friendship with her partner Ray Casey.  The friendship grew quickly when Ray became seriously ill Kaye took it upon herself to continue to run Ray’s traffic exchanges and keeping his business alive while he fought for his life in Australia.  

This lead to Ray making Kaye his half partner.  Since then she has worked hard to learn everything she can about the internet marketing business and has built a remarkable reputation amongst her peers in the industry.  

Kaye’s live experience has made her a firm believer in paying it forward.  She loves helping her friends and work associates with their projects as well as sharing what she has learned in webinars, conferences, Skype chat rooms and generally anywhere that people gather and are willing to here her speak.

Her Internet Marketing peers have dubbed her the “babblewhacking queen” as she has the ability to talk incesantly on many different subjects. Always seeming to never be focused on anyone topic and yet always having something important or halarious to talk about.  Currently Kaye works online full-time from the comfort of her home in Las Cruces, NM where she lives in the house her grandparents built in 1953 with her 9 year old son and dog Lucky. 

She owns several websites including two traffic exchanges, she administers five other traffic exchanges for other owners, teaches Internet Marketing Writing at Net Learning Academy, has a copywriting business and continues to build her online business.  Krazy Kaye’s moto “Why do it if you don’t enjoy it?” 

To listen to Kaye’s webinar on Internet Marketing Writing click here.  You must be a member of this site to listen to it.


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