Kelvin Nikkel

Kelvin NikkelKelvin Nikkel is a good friend of mine.  I met him on Skype in a group room that I participate in.  Kelvin has had many events that are called JV Giveaways.  A JV s a Joint Venture with other marketers.  When doing a JV you have an opportunity to usually get some very good software or products to use in your business.

Kelvin started working online back in late November 2007 when he was in need of money fast and didn’t know how to go about getting it.

About the middle of 2009 a long time friend of Kelvin’s online talked to him about building a list of subscribers.  This was new to him.  Kelvin now knows that if you are an Internet Marketer and you don’t have a list of subscribers, you are not only leaving a TON of money on the table, but you are not going to last long as an Internet Marketer.

Kelvin immediately started building a list and after just about 2 years, Kelvin now has just over 2,500 subscribers. Kelvin was rather disappointed in those results, especially when he heard of other Internet Marketers creating a HUGE list of 30,000 within a year.  Kelvin wanted to know how they did it.

That is when he found a fellow list builder’s WSO (Warrior Special Offer) and ran with it and Kelvin ended up generating over 4,000 subscribers in 30 days.  He was hooked and you will be after listening to this recorded webinar.


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