Coaching/Training Published date: December 6, 2016
  • Country: Canada
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Such autographed memorabilia NHL 17 Coins should also be kept in glass cases, and should be free form moisture, since humidity can damage puck and stick materials.Made of stronger material, signed NHL helmets can withstand humidity, but the ink used to sign the helmet can melt away or fade. Store autographed NHL helmets in glass cases or cardboard boxes, and keep them away from acids or water. The Hollywood Wolves were a professional hockey team that existed in the Pacific Coast Hockey League for just three seasons from 1944-45 to 1946-47. The Wolves had a loose affiliation with the American Hockey League's Pittsburgh Hornets who, in turn, were the primary affiliate of the National Hockey League's Toronto Maple Leafs.

Over their three years of existence in the PCHL, the Hollywood Wolves had twelve players who had either played in the NHL before or after their stint in Hollywood. Of those twelve players, just five played more than 100 career NHL games. Oscar "Ossie" Asmundson played fifteen games with the Hollywood Wolves in 1944-45. Asmundson was at the end of his professional hockey career and his games with the Wolves were his last. Oscar played his first NHL games in 1932-33 with the New York Rangers. Over his NHL career, he played 111 regular season games with the Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, St. Louis Eagles, New York Americans and Montreal Canadiens. Asmundson scored one more point in his fifteen games with HUT 17 Coins the Hollywood Wolves than in all of his 111 NHL games.