Marlene Moore

Marlene Moore better known as Bartender MoMarlene Moore better known as Bartender Mo.  All of Marlene’s friends on the internet call her Mo.  She is quite enjoyable to listen to.  Marlene started her business with absolutely no cost to her.  From here on out I will refer to Marlene as Mo.  Mo is going to tell us how she began her career online with no money to start.

In this day in age most people are coming to work online to supplement their income with the hopes of one day retiring from their job.  That is exactly what Mo did.  She retired from being a bartender after 21 years.  Mo retains that quick whit that it takes to be a bartender.  She has a great since of humor.

Mo actually started just playing around on the internet with games and making videos for the fun of it.  One day someone from You Tube spotted one of her videos and thought she would be good at making a commercial.  This company contacted her and offered her $200.00 to do a video commercial for them and whether they used it or not they were still going to pay her the money.  That was her first way of making money online.

Mo has much more to share on how she made money on line at no cost to her.  To hear more about how she accomplished this click here.

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