Michelle Spiva’s Webinar

Michelle is a great presenter and she has been successful in helping many people.  She is very focused in her area of expertise.

Here is the link for Michelle’s presentation on Meditation and Self Management for the Rest of Us.

Michelle can be contacted at the following:

Skype:  mspiva1  Please when requesting Michelle on Skype notify her that you found her via KayBrasher.com

Michelle’s email address:  Michelle@WinningSimplified.com

Her website:   http://WinningSimplified.com

Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/mspiva 

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/WinningSimplified

If you would like to check out her products you can do so here.  This is the one that made her Warrior of the Day on the Warrior Forum.  http://primeinfluence.com

Michelle also has another product called http://CovertHypnosisDemystified.com 

Michelle has another new product called Cyber Cash Code if you are interested in purchasing it you can do so here.






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