Mike Schwenk

Mike Schwenk

Mike Schwenk is an up-and-coming freelance copywriter. Aside from other typical copywriting projects, he mainly specializes in creating custom e-mail and autoresponder copy for his clients.

Mike has also started to expand his business by venturing into info publishing and speaking. One of his favorite topics to speak about is mindset and all of the troubles that can stem from a poor mindset (and, naturally, how to overcome them)… The reason for this is that Mike had put off finishing his first product for almost four months. It wasn’t until the recent Warrior Forum networking event—when he showed a few people the draft—that he realized the value and potential his product contained. Naturally, this lead to an “ah-ha!” moment that all of the reasons he had given himself for not completing it were nothing more than unnecessary excuses that came from a poor mindset.

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