Pam Eppinette

Pam EppinettePam Eppinette came and presented us with “How To Live the Life You Always Wanted.” I met Pam on Robert Blakely’s Business Power Hour. Pam has a lot of skills and she is very helpful.

Pam has over 30 years of experience in business, sales and marketing. She is a successful Internet business owner. Pam is a LIFE Success coach,  wellness and weight loss consultant. Pam believes success is possible for those who want to work from home with the right mentor and proven training system.

Pam is a leadership coach for one of the world’s best leadership training and compensated community building companies. Pam has been working with the same mentors for over 20 years, she  has been on quite a journey with various different network marketing companies and products which has lead Pam to be involved with the launch of the ultimate business with the best leadership and compensation plan on the planet. The company has the world’s best information products in the information age.

Pam is also an Internet Marketing Coach and Mentor for iMMAC (Internet Marketing Mentorship), which is arguably the World’s Largest Internet Marketing School available today.  Pam is a social media consultant as well as an online/offline marketing consultant.

Click here to listen to “How To Have the Life You Always Wanted.” .


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