Philippe Moisan

Philippe MoisanPhilippe Moisan was introduced to me by a good friend  Nancy Radlinger. Networking is all about putting people together.  Philippe was explaining APSense to me. While talking to him we decided to open an APSense Skype room for people to get answers to their questions about APSense.  We also, chatted and decided to have a webinar on APSense.

Why APSense?  APSense is a business social networking website.  You can make pages, do articles, list your talents just to name a few. 

Are you still wondering how APSense can help your business?  If you are go here and listen to the latest webinar with Philippe as he talks about “Beginning At APSense”.

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  • Jonathan

    Great post Kay! I have been in Apsense for quite some time but hadn’t really done much with it. I will be sure to watch the video and hopefully learn a thing or two. Thank for all you do for the online community!

  • Thanks Jonathan, I am glad that you are going to watch the video. I am sure you will learn a thing or two because, Philippe is the go to guy for APSense.


  • Hello Kay,

    For some reason, I didn’t know about this post. Very nice surprise to see it as I came to check out your site just now.

    Thanks a LOT for it, I appreciate the attention. 🙂


  • Philippe,

    You are welcome I can’t wait for the next one we do together. It was wonderful to have you. The next webinar will be posted up on the membership side under your name for people to come and listen to it. You get to be in the lime light here. 🙂


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