Robert Blakely

Robert BlakelyAre you in need of help with your sales techniques?  You really missed out on a fantastic presentation by Robert Blakely. The presentation was all about Sales Psychology.  Robert Blakely born July 19th 1969 Robert AKA The Blakester is 42 going on 26 and loving life with his beautiful wife Robin Blakely. They both share the same passion in networking and helping others succeed in mind, body, and soul.

Robert entered the world on online network marketing after getting tired of making his employers richer. He knew he could take his real world training and bring it into the online world and came into the network marketing scene with the premise of “Direct Marketing Meeting Internet Marketing” and has an intriquicy that not many people can bring to the table. He not only keeps up with the latest trends online but passes that knowledge onto those that are willing to learn more. With his wife Robin they share a common goal of changing the health of a generation and are definitetly 2 people that have a lot of knowledge about alot of things.  😎  To listen to the replay click here.


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